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Species List for Pound Wood Nature Reserve

This list is originally derived form the output of RECORDER, a site-recording package, much used by the Wildlife Trusts and County Recorders throughout the country. More recently, they have been based on MapMate and the Trust’s own web-based recording scheme.

This published list should help to indicate that there is a good deal missing. There are only a few flies recorded. There must be many more. If you know of any species in the wood which are not here, then please let both me and the Trust Biological Records Officer know. I can be contacted via the About page on this site. For information on the Trust’s recording scheme see the website for the Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre.

During the spring and summer of 2000, Corina Nolan, a project student from the University of East London, made a study of the Litter Invertebrates to in the area around Topleys (including north of the pylons). This has contributed many records of common, but otherwise overlooked, invertebrates.

Since then, another student, Stuart Connop has extended this invertebrate survey in the autumn and spring of 2001/2002. His results have further extended the records of litter-dwelling invertebrates.

The word forb, used in headings refers to a flowering plant that is neither a woody plant nor a grass. It includes both annual and perennial species.

This list comprises a series of headings of various plant and animal groups. It hides the details until you click on the blue link. This gives the species list sorted by scientific name. You can close the list by clicking on the blue caption at the end of each list.

The various links are interspersed with smaller headings (in black) which indicate larger plant or animal groups. They are there just to help you find what you want.

If you want to print this list, be aware that it prints the entire species list, which might extend to thirteen pages, depending on your browser.

If you are searching for a particular species by name using your browser’s search facility, then it will not find it unless that name is displayed.

If either of these limitations are a problem, then let me know and I will try to add these facilities. Bear in mind that these are not trivial tasks, though it could be done.


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Amanita citrinaFalse Death Cap
Amanita rubescensThe Blusher
Bjerkandera adustaa basidiomycete fungus
Chlorociboria aeruginascensan ascomycete fungus
Clitocybe nebularisClouded Agaric
Fistulina hepaticaBeef-steak Fungus
Laccaria amethysteaAmethyst Deceiver
Laccaria laccataDeceiver
Leccinum scabrumBrown Birch-bolete
Phallus impudicusStinkhorn
Piptoporus betulinusBirch Polypore
Polyporus squamosusDryad’s Saddle
Russula cyanoxanthaThe Charcoal Burner
Russula emeticaThe Sickener
Russula ochroleucaCommon Yellow Russula
Stereum hirsutuma basidiomycete fungus
Trametes versicolorTurkey Tail

Bryophyta (Mosses and Liverworts)

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Mnium hornuma moss

Equisetopsida (Horsetails) and Polypodiopsida (Ferns)

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Equisetum telmateiaGreat Horsetail
Pteridium aquilinumBracken
Dryopteris filix-mas agg.Male Fern
Dryopteris dilatataBroad Buckler-fern


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Taxus baccataYew

Angiosperms (Flowering Plants)

Dicotyledones (Forbs and Trees)

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Acer campestreField Maple
Acer pseudoplatanusSycamore
Aesculus hippocastanumHorse-chestnut
Ajuga reptansBugle
Alliaria petiolataGarlic Mustard
Anemone nemorosaWood Anemone
Angelica sylvestrisWild Angelica
Anthriscus sylvestrisCow Parsley
Betula pendulaSilver Birch
Betula pubescensDowny Birch
Callitriche sp.a water-starwort
Calystegia sepiumHedge Bindweed
Campanula rotundifoliaHarebell
Cardamine flexuosaWavy Bitter-cress
Carlina vulgarisCarline Thistle
Carpinus betulusHornbeam
Castanea sativaSweet Chestnut
Centaurea nigraCommon Knapweed
Chamerion angustifoliumRosebay Willowherb
Circaea lutetianaEnchanter’s-nightshade
Cirsium arvenseCreeping Thistle
Cirsium palustreMarsh Thistle
Cirsium vulgareSpear Thistle
Corylus avellanaHazel
Crataegus laevigataMidland Hawthorn
Crataegus monogynaHawthorn
Cytisus scopariusBroom
Daphne laureolaSpurge-laurel
Digitalis purpureaFoxglove
Epilobium hirsutumGreat Willowherb
Epilobium montanumBroad-leaved Willowherb
Epilobium palustreMarsh Willowherb
Epilobium parviflorumHoary Willowherb
Epilobium tetragonumSquare-stalked Willowher
Euphorbia amygdaloidesWood Spurge
Fagus sylvaticaBeech
Frangula alnusAlder Buckthorn
Fraxinus excelsiorAsh
Galium aparineCleavers
Galium palustreCommon Marsh-bedstraw
Genista tinctoriaDyer’s Greenweed
Geranium robertianumHerb-robert
Geum urbanumHerb Bennet
Glechoma hederaceaGround-ivy
Hedera helixIvy
Heracleum sphondyliumHogweed
Hottonia palustrisWater-violet
Hypericum humifusumTrailing St. John’s-wort
Hypochaeris radicataCat’s-ear
Ilex aquifoliumHolly
Inula conyzaePloughman’s-spikenard
Lamiastrum galeobdolonYellow Archangel
Lamium albumWhite Dead-nettle
Lamium purpureumRed Dead-nettle
Lapsana communisNipplewort
Lonicera periclymenumHoneysuckle
Lunaria annuaHonesty
Lysimachia nemorumYellow Pimpernel
Lysimachia nummulariaCreeping-Jenny
Malus sylvestris sens. lat.Apple
Malva sylvestrisCommon Mallow
Melampyrum pratenseCommon Cow-wheat
Moehringia trinerviaThree-nerved Sandwort
Myosotis sylvaticaWood Forget-me-not
Oxalis acetosellaWood-sorrel
Oxalis articulataPink-sorrel
Pentaglottis sempervirensGreen Alkanet
Persicaria maculosaRedshank
Picris echioidesBristly Oxtongue
Plantago majorGreater Plantain
Polygonum aviculare agg.Knotgrass [agg.]
Polygonum aviculare sens.str.Knotgrass
Populus alba x tremulaGrey Poplar
Populus albaWhite Poplar
Populus sp.a poplar
Populus tremulaAspen
Prunus aviumWild Cherry
Prunus domesticaWild Plum
Prunus laurocerasusCherry Laurel
Prunus spinosaBlackthorn
Quercus petraeaSessile Oak
Quercus roburPedunculate Oak
Ranunculus ficariaLesser Celandine
Ranunculus flammulaLesser Spearwort
Ranunculus repensCreeping Buttercup
Rhododendron ponticumRhododendron
Ribes rubrumRed Currant
Rosa canina agg.Dog Rose
Rubus fruticosus agg.Bramble
Rumex crispusCurled Dock
Rumex obtusifoliusBroad-leaved Dock
Rumex sanguineusWood Dock
Salix capreaGoat Willow
Salix cinereaGrey Willow
Salix fragilisCrack Willow
Sambucus nigraElder
Scrophularia nodosaCommon Figwort
Senecio erucifoliusHoary Ragwort
Senecio jacobaeaCommon Ragwort
Senecio vulgarisGroundsel
Smyrnium olusatrumAlexanders
Solanum dulcamaraBittersweet
Solidago virgaureaGoldenrod
Sonchus asperPrickly Sow-thistle
Sonchus oleraceusSmooth Sow-thistle
Sonchus sp.a sow-thistle
Sorbus aucupariaRowan
Sorbus torminalisWild Service-tree
Stachys officinalisBetony
Stachys sylvaticaHedge Woundwort
Stellaria gramineaLesser Stitchwort
Stellaria holosteaGreater Stitchwort
Stellaria media agg.Chickweed
Stellaria mediaCommon Chickweed
Symphytum officinaleCommon Comfrey
Taraxacum officinale agg.Dandelion
Teucrium scorodoniaWood Sage
Torilis japonicaUpright Hedge-parsley
Trifolium repensWhite Clover
Ulmus proceraEnglish Elm
Urtica dioicaCommon Nettle
Veronica chamaedrysGermander Speedwell
Veronica hederifoliaIvy-leaved Speedwell [agg]
Veronica montanaWood Speedwell
Veronica persicaCommon Field-speedwell
Viburnum opulusGuelder-rose
Viola odorataSweet Violet
Viola rivinianaCommon Dog-violet

Monocotyledones (Forbs)

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Arum italicumItalian Lords-and-ladies
Arum maculatumLords-and-ladies
Carex pendulaPendulus Sedge
Carex remotaRemote Sedge
Convallaria majalisLily of the Valley
Crocus vernusSpring Crocus
Gagea luteaYellow Star-of-Bethlehem
Hyacinthoides non-scriptaBluebell
Isolepis setaceaBristle Club-rush
Juncus bufonius agg.Toad Rush [agg.]
Juncus conglomeratusCompact Rush
Juncus subnodulosusBlunt-flowered Rush
Luzula pilosaHairy Wood-rush
Muscari botryoidesCompact Grape-hyacinth
Muscari sp.a grape hyacinth
Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp. pDaffodil
Potamogeton natansBroad-leaved Pondweed
Potamogeton obtusifoliusBlunt-leaved Pondweed
Tamus communisBlack Bryony
Veratrum virideGreen False-helleborine


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Anthoxanthum odoratumSweet Vernal Grass
Brachypodium sylvaticumFalse-brome
Dactylis glomerataCock’s-foot
Deschampsia caespitosaTufted Hair-grass
Deschampsia flexuosaWavy Hair-grass
Elytrigia repensCommon Couch
Festuca giganteaGiant Fescue
Glyceria fluitansFloating Sweet-grass
Holcus lanatusYorkshire-fog
Holcus mollisCreeping Soft-grass
Melica unifloraWood Melick
Milium effusumWood Millet
Poa nemoralisWood Meadow-grass


Mollusca: Gastropoda (Slugs and Snails)

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Arion hortensisSouthern Garden Slug
Arion intermediusHedgehog Slug
Arion subfuscusDusky Slug
Discus rotundatusRounded Snail
Vitrea crystallina agg.a Glass Snail

Anellida: Oligochaeta (Earthworms)

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Enchytraeidaean Whiteworm
Eisena fetidaBrandling Earthworm
Lumbricus castaneusan Earthworm
Lumbricus eisenian Earthworm
Lumbricus rubellusRed Worm
Lumbricus terrestrisCommon Earthworm

Arthropoda (Arthropods)

Crustacea: Isopoda (Woodlice)

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Androniscus dentigerRosy Woodlouse
Armadillidium vulgareCommon Pill Woodlouse
Oniscus asellusCommon Woodlouse
Philoscia muscorumCommon Striped Woodlouse
Porcellio scaberCommon Rough Woodlouse
Porcellionides cingendusa Woodlouse
Porcellionides pruinosusa Woodlouse
Trichoniscus pusillusCommon Pygmy Woodlouse
Trichoniscus pygmaeusPygmy Woodlouse

Arachnida: Acari (Mites)

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Damaeus spa Mite
Pergamasus spa Mite
Steganacarus spa Mite
Tromobidiidae spa Mite

Arachnida: Opiliones (Harvestmen)

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Leiobunum rotunduma Harvestman
Megabunus diademaa Harvestman
Nemastoma bimaculatuma Harvestman
Oligolophus palpinalisa Harvestman
Oligolophus tridensa Harvestman
Paroligolophus agrestisa Harvestman
Rilaena triangularisa Harvestman

Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones (False Scorpions)

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Chthonicus ischnochelesa Pseudoscorpion
Chthonius tenuisa Pseudoscorpion
Neobisium muscoruma Pseudoscorpion
Neobisium spa Pseudoscorpion
Roncus lubricusa Pseudoscorpion

Arachnida: Aranae (Spiders)

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Amaurobius feroxa lace-webbed Spider
Araneus diadematusOrb-web Spider
Cicurina cicura cobweb Spider
Clubiona comtaa Spider
Clubiona diversaa foliage Spider
Drassodes cupres/lapidosusa Spider
Drassodes cupreusa ground Spider
Enoplognatha ovataa comb-footed spider
Gnaphosidae juvenilea Spider
Hahnia montanaa Spider
Haplodrassus signifera ground Spider
Harpactea hombergia Spider
Metellina mengeia Spider
Oonops pulchera six-eyed Spider
Linyphiidae spa Money Spider

Diplopoda (Millepedes)

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Cylindroiulus punctatusBlunt-tailed Snake Millipede
Glomeris marginataPill Millipede
Nanogona polydesmoidesa Millepede
Ophyiulus pilosusa Millepede
Polydesmus angustusa Flat-back Millepede
Polydesmus spa Flatback Millepede
Tachypodoiulus nigerWhite-legged Snake Millipede
Polydesmus denticulatusa Millepede

Chilopoda (Centipedes)

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Brachygeophilius truncoruma Centipede
Geophilus carpophagusa Centipede
Geophilus easonia Centipede
Geophilus flavusa Centipede
Geophilus truncoruma Centipede
Lithobius (Lithobius) calcaratusa Centipede
Lithobius (Sigibius) micropsa Centipede
Lithobius forficatusa Centipede
Lithobius micropsa Centipede
Necrophloeophagus flavusa Centipede
Schendyla nemorensisa Centipede


Insecta: Dipleura (Two-pronged Bristle-tails)

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Campodea fragilisa two-pronged bristle tail

Insecta: Collembola Springtails

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Tomocerus longicornisa Springtail
Entomobryoidea spa Springtail
Sminthuridae or Dicyrtomidae spa Springtail

Insecta: Odonata (Dragonflies & Damselflies)

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Enallagma cyathigerumCommon Blue Damselfly
Libellula depressaBroad-bodied Chaser
Pyrrhosoma nymphulaLarge Red Damselfly
Sympetrum striolatumCommon Darter

Insecta: Hemiptera (Bugs)

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Acanthosoma haemorrhoidaleHawthorn Shieldbug
Aneurus aveniusa flat bark bug
Kleidocerys resedaeBirch Catkin Bug
Nabidaea Damsel Bug
Palomena prasinaa shield bug
Picromerus bidensa shield bug

Insecta: Coleoptera (Beetles)

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Acalles misellusa Beetle
Acalles ptinoidesa Beetle
Acalles spa Weevil
Acrotrichis spa Featherwing Beetle
Agathidium (Agathidium) atruma Beetle
Agathidium (Neoceble) convexuma Beetle
Agathidium (Neoceble) variansa Beetle
Agriotes acuminatusa Beetle
Agriotes pallidulusa Beetle
Aleochara (Coprochara) bipustulataa Beetle
Amara familiarisa ground beetle
Amischa analisa Beetle
Amischa nigrofuscaa Beetle
Anisotoma orbicularisa Round Fungus Beetle
Anotylus rugosusa Beetle
Anotylus tetracarinatusa Beetle
Anthobium atrocephaluman Oil Beetle
Anthobium unicolora Beetle
Aphodius (Melinopterus) sphacelatusa Beetle
Aphthona euphorbiaeLarge Flax Flea-Beetle
Aromia moschataMusk Beetle
Atheta fungicolaa Beetle
Atomaria (Anchicera) fuscataa Beetle
Atomaria (Anchicera) lewisia Beetle
Batophila spa Leaf Beetle
Bembidion (Metallina) lamprosa Beetle
Bembidion (Philochthus) lunulatuma Beetle
Betulapion similea Beetle
Bisnius subuliformisa Beetle
Bolitobius thoracicusan Oil Beetle
Bradycellus sharpia Beetle
Calathus (Amphigynus) rotundicollisa Beetle
Cartodere (Aridius) nodifera Beetle
Cephennium gallicuman Ant-like Stone Beetle
Cercyon (Cercyon) melanocephalusa Beetle
Chaetocnema concinna/confusa/hortensisa Leaf Beetle
Coccinella magnificaScarce Seven-spot Ladybird
Coccinella septempunctataSeven-spot Ladybird
Coeliodinus rubicundusa Beetle
Cortinicara gibbosaa Beetle
Cryptopleurum minutuma Beetle
Curculio sp (C. nucum?)a Weevil
Curculio venosusa Beetle
Curculioindae larvaea Weevil
Dalopius marginatusa Beetle
Dienerella clathrataa Beetle
Dorcus parallelipipedusLesser Stag Beetle
Enicmus transversusa Beetle
Euconnus span Ant-like Stone Beetle
Geostiba circellarisa Beetle
Habrocerus capillaricornisan Oil Beetle
Helophorus (Helophorus) obscurusa Beetle
Holobus flavicornisa Beetle
Ischnosoma splendiduman Oil Beetle
Kyklioacalles roborisa Beetle
Lathrobium (Lathrobium) brunnipesa Beetle
Lathrobium (Lathrobium) fulvipennea Beetle
Lathrobium (Lathrobium) geminuma Beetle
Leiosoma deflexuma Beetle
Longitarsus parvulusFlax Flea Beetle
Loricera pilicornisa Beetle
Megarthrus prossenia Beetle
Common Pollen Beetlea Beetle
Microdota benickiellaa Beetle
Micropeplus staphylinoidesa Beetle
Microscydmus nanusa Beetle
Mocyta amplicollisa Beetle
Mocyta clientulaa Beetle
Mocyta fungia Beetle
Mycetoporus lepidusa Beetle
Myllaena elongataan Oil Beetle
Myllaena sp (M. gracilis?)an Oil Beetle
Nalassus laevioctostriatusa Beetle
Nargus (Nargus) wilkiniia Beetle
Nebria brevicollisa Ground Beetle
Nehemitropia lividipennisa Beetle
Neuraphes (Neuraphes) elongatulusa Beetle
Neuraphes minutusan Ant-like Stone Beetle
Nitidulidae larvaea Sap Beetle
Notiophilus biguttatusa Ground Beetle
Notiophilus palustrisa ground beetle
Notiophilus palustrisa Ground Beetle
Notiophilus rufipesa Beetle
Olophrum piceuma Beetle
Othius punctulatusa rove beetle
Othius subuliformisa Beetle
Oxypoda acuminataa Beetle
Oxypoda annularisa Beetle
Oxypoda brevicornisa Beetle
Oxypoda flavicornisa Beetle
Philonthus cognatusa Beetle
Philonthus decorusa Beetle
Philonthus sanguinolentusa Beetle
Philonthus tenuicornisa Beetle
Philonthus variansa Beetle
Proteinus brachypterusa Beetle
Proteinus ovalisa Beetle
Ptenidium (Gillmeisterium) nitiduma Beetle
Ptenidium (Ptenidium) formicetoruma Beetle
Pterostichus (Argutor) diligensa Beetle
Pterostichus madidusBlack Clock
Pterostichus vulgarisa Ground Beetle
Ptiliidae spa Featherwing Beetle
Quedius (Microsaurus) lateralisa Beetle
Quedius (Quedius) curtipennisa Beetle
Quedius (Raphirus) fumatusa Beetle
Quedius (Raphirus) nigricepsa Beetle
Rugilus (Stilicus) rufipesan Oil Beetle
Silpha atrataBlack Snail Beetle
Silphidae larvaea Burying Beetle
Sitona (Sitona) hispidulusClover-root Weevil
Sitona (Sitona) lineatusPea-leaf Weevil
Stenus (Hemistenus) impressusa Beetle
Stephostethus angusticollisa mould beetle
Strophosoma melanogrammum Nut Leaf Weevil
Strophosomus rufipesa Weevil
Subcoccinella vigintiquattuorpunctata24-spot Ladybird
Sunius propinquusa Beetle
Tachinus rufipesa Beetle
Tachyporus dispara Beetle
Tachyporus hypnoruma Beetle
Tachyporus nitidulusa Beetle
Tachyporus solutusa Beetle
Thinobius longipennisan Oil Beetle
Trachodes hispidusa Beetle
Trechus (Trechus) obtususa Beetle
Trixagus dermestoidesa Beetle
Xantholinus (Xantholinus) longiventrisa Beetle
Xyleborus dryographusAmbrosia Beetle

Insecta: Lepidoptera (Butterflies & Moths)

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Aglais ioPeacock
Aglais urticaeSmall Tortoiseshell
Anthocharis cardaminesOrange-tip
Aphantopus hyperantusRinglet
Aricia agestisBrown Argus
Celastrina argiolusHolly Blue
Coenonympha pamphilusSmall Heath
Favonius quercusPurple Hairstreak
Gonepteryx rhamniBrimstone
Limenitis camillaWhite Admiral
Lycaena phlaeasSmall Copper
Maniola jurtinaMeadow Brown
Melitaea athaliaHeath Fritillary
Ochlodes sylvanusLarge Skipper
Pararge aegeriaSpeckled Wood
Pieris brassicaeLarge White
Pieris napiGreen-veined White
Pieris rapaeSmall White
Polygonia c-albumComma
Polyommatus icarusCommon Blue
Pyronia tithonusHedge Brown
Thymelicus lineolaEssex Skipper
Thymelicus sylvestrisSmall Skipper
Vanessa atalantaRed Admiral
Vanessa carduiPainted Lady

Insecta: Diptera (True Flies)

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Bombylius majorBee Fly
Eristalis tenaxa hoverfly
Pipunculidae spa Big-headed Fly
Scatopsidae spa Dung Midge
Sciaridae or Mycetophilidae spa Fungus Gnat
Tipulidae larvaea Crane Fly
Volucella inanisa hoverfly

Insecta: Hymenoptera (Ants, Wasps, Bees)

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Apis melliferaHoney Bee
Bombus lapidariusLarge Red Tailed Bumble Bee
Bombus lucorumWhite-tailed Bumble Bee
Formica rufaRed Wood Ant
Myrmica ruginodisan Ant
Myrmica scabrinodisan Ant
Pimpla instigatoran Ichneumon
Spilomicrus hemipterusa Parasitic Wasp
Stenamma debilean Ant
Anacharitinae spa Parasitic Wasp
Eucoilidae spa Parasitic Wasp


Vertebrata: Amphibia

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Rana temporariaCommon Frog

Vertebrata: Reptilia

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Natrix natrixGrass Snake

Vertebrata: Aves (Birds)

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Accipiter sparviusSparrowhawk
Aegithalos caudatusLong-tailed Tit
Buteo buteoCommon Buzzard
Carduelis chlorisGreenfinch
Certhia familiarisTreecreeper
Columba palumbusWoodpigeon
Corvus corone agg.Carrion Crow
Corvus corone coroneCarrion crow
Corvus frugilegusRook
Cuculus canorusCuckoo
Dendrocopos majorGreat Spotted Woodpecker
Dendrocopos minorLesser Spotted Woodpecker
Erithacus rubeculaRobin
Falco tinnunculusKestrel
Fringilla coelebsChaffinch
Garrulus glandariusJay
Milvus milvusRed Kite
Parus aterCoal Tit
Parus caeruleusBlue Tit
Parus majorGreat Tit
Phylloscopus collybitaChiffchaff
Phylloscopus trochilusWillow Warbler
Pica picaMagpie
Picus viridisGreen Woodpecker
Prunella modularisDunnock
Pyrrhula pyrrhulaBullfinch
Regulus regulusGoldcrest
Sitta europaeaNuthatch
Strix alucoTawny Owl
Sylvia atricapillaBlackcap
Troglodytes troglodytesWren
Turdus iliacusRedwing
Turdus merulaBlackbird
Turdus philomelosSong Thrush
Turdus viscivorusMistle Thrush

Vertebrata: Mammalia

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Meles melesBadger
Muntiacus reevesiMuntjac
Muscardinus avellanariusCommon Dormouse
Mustela nivalisWeasel
Oryctolagus cuniculusRabbit
Pipistrellus pipistrellusPipistrelle
Sciurus carolinensisGrey Squirrel
Talpa europaeaMole
Vulpes vulpesFox