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Charcoal Burning in Pound Wood

Author: David Harris
Last Updated: 2 May, 2016

Charcoal burning is an effective way to convert cordwood and the larger brash to a saleable product.

On this page, the Pound Wood Warden, David Harris, describes how we convert the local wood into charcoal.

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Why should you buy local charcoal?

Much of the barbecue charcoal on sale in Britain is imported from the far east. Such charcoal is often produced from non-sustainable resources. That is, it is produced by using wood from trees which have been grubbed out or have been cut down and will not re-grow. It also uses our precious energy resources to transport it long distances. The charcoal you see here has been produced from British native hardwood trees which have been coppiced as part of countryside management for the benefit of wildlife. The trees which have been cut to produce it will grow again from their roots to produce another crop of wood for harvesting in about 20 years time. There is a never-ending supply of this wood and so the source is sustainable indefinitely (unlike tropical rain forests). The charcoal has been made in Thundersley, Essex which is local to our customers and so there is very little energy used in transporting the product.


Converting local wood into charcoal (17)

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