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The Pound Wood Nature Reserve is one of three Essex Wildlife Trust reserves in Daws Heath, Benfleet, Essex.

Many of the pages here were originally written by Peter Marett as a resource for local schools. These are now been incorporated into the general scheme.

These pages were originally created as a resource for my students studying conservation. Now that I have retired, the pages can have a more general aim.

With the help of those managing the reserve, I have, over the years, been re-writing these pages for the benefit of general users. In the meantime, some of the pages on the left are much the same as before.

However, many of the pages have been left unedited for a number of years. Recently, I have been revisiting various pages, either to bring them up-to-date or to make sure that they work effectively in modern browsers. I have recently been working on the pages on Management Coupes, past Newsletter articles, and the Trail Guide.

Most of the original photographs of the wood have been taken by the warden, David Harris who has also provided much of the text. Many of them are now several years old. What these pages are in need of, like many others, are up-to-date photographs. I have recently receives a number of recent images, especially from John Turner, which I have been incorporating where appropriate. However, I would welcome more. Please contact me (through the Contact page) if you have any photographs that you think I could use.

Another important source has been the book: Ancient Woodlands: the Woods of South-East Essex, by Oliver Rackham.


Although Pound Wood is an Essex Wildlife Trust reserve, these pages are quite independent of the Trust.

An Aerial Photo of Pound Wood

This photograph was taken in winter 1993, before any coppicing started. Thus there is a continuous (though leafless) canopy, except for the area under the power lines. It also clearly shows the position of the wood with respect to the housing to the south-west (bottom right) and beyond to the east (top). The meadows to the north (left) were known, at the time of this photograph, as Brett’s Meadows, and were little used except for horse grazing. The A127 is just visible in the top left corner.