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About these Web Pages

These pages were created and edited by John Rostron using the Dreamweaver and WeBuilder web-page editors. They have been styled extensively to look good in modern browsers.

The links on the left have been styled so that when you hover the mouse over the link, it will give you a brief indication of what that page is about (called a tooltip). The link to the page that you are on is not shown.

I have tried these pages in the current versions of Firefox, Chrome and Edge, all on Windows, and Chrome, Firefox, Brave and the Samsung browser on Android, and they all display as intended (apart from Firefox on Windows). I would appreciate any reports as to how it works on Mac browsers. Older versions of these may not have the full benefit.

The Firefox on Windows anomaly occurs in the menu graphic on each page. The link box for [Contact] is placed at the top left of the page instead of lying between [Home] and [History]. The link still works though.